1. News - Welsh Women's Bowling Association


    Commonwealth Games Team Leader. Wales is looking for a Commonwealth Games Team Leader. If you are interested please send your expression of interest to WWBA …

  2. Table tennis star Rob Davies aims for Paralympic gold in ...


    Brecon table tennis star Rob Davies will aim to cap a remarkable story by winning Paralympics gold in Rio on Tuesday. Davies has been excellent in Brazil over the ...

  3. Old News - Darts for Windows


    Darts for Windows 2005 is a computer scoring system to keep track of all statistics in a darts game. Play darts against the computer.

  4. MAY Birthdays and Deaths - BITTER SUITE BAND


    May birthdays, birthdates and deaths of musicians, singers, songwriters and composers .. anyone in the music business. Obituaries and Rememberances for those who have ...

  5. News & Archive - Daily Mail Foursomes, Mail On Sunday


    News & Archive The Daily Mail has always covered the Tournament in the newspaper with a weekly column now included on Derek Lawrenson's page during the rounds.

  6. Great Western locomotive types: - Steamindex


    Contemporary. 2-8-0 mixed traffic locomotive, Great Western Railway. Locomotive Mag., 1919, 25, 84-5. illustration, diagram (side elevation) Churchward 47XX class: No ...

  7. Untitled Document [www.greyhoundaction.org.uk]


    Ruby for sale due to new stock arriving 8 October 2009 Clive Ellis In a fanciful article (courtesy of Our Dogs, 15 August 2008), Greyhound Star ...

  8. The Great Abbreviations Hunt – Stuart Bruce


    Total number of Ts found: 9611 (54%) A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z TA TB TC TD TE TF TG TH TI TJ TK TL TM TN TO TP TQ TR TS TT TU TV TW …

  9. *yoriko*: New Asia Pacific Exclusives


    comment5 print the calendar desk blotter calendar calendario tornei tennis is an extra month added to the chinese lunar calendar mexican jokes of the day